Project Activities

Baseline Survey Studies

Detailed inventory studies were carried out on the biological diversity, socio-economic and socio-cultural values, current grazing activities and livestock status for the Tek Tek Mountains National Park, Kızılkuyu Wildlife Development Site and Karacadağ Steppes between 2018-2019 period. The areas within the scope of the project; General landscape values, Biodiversity status, Socio-economic and socio-cultural characteristics, Current grazing activities, Livestock status, and data on buffer zones and ecological corridors have been investıgated.


Within the framework of the FAO-GEF project  “Conservation and Sustainable Management of Turkey’s Steppe Project”, generation of new and/or updated (if already existing) management plans for three steppe protected areas are being supported. This will contribute to the objectives of the project, which are targeting improving of conservation of Turkey’s steppe ecosystems through effective protected area management and mainstreaming steppe biodiversity conservation into productive landscapes.

National Steppe Conservation Strategy and Action Plan

Monitoring programs are one of the most important tools that enable nature conservation and sustainable management of natural resources. Monitoring Programs for Tek Tek Mountains Natonal park, Kizilkuyu Wildlife Development Area and Karacadag Steppes were prepared within the scope of the Project, aiming to strengthen the conservation of Turkey's steppe ecosystems through effective management in protected areas and extending the conservation of steppe biodiversity in production landscapes

Sanliurfa Provincial Steppe Conservation Strategy and Action Plan

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Training and Capacity Building Activities

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Grazing Demonstration Activity

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