About Project

Objective of the Project

The project’s objective is to improve the conservation of Turkey’s steppe ecosystems through effective protected area management and mainstreaming steppe biodiversity conservation into production landscapes.

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Outputs of the Project

COMPONENT 1. Effectiveness of protected area system to conserve steppe biodiversity increased
Output 1. New steppe protected area established and operational
Output 2. Effective management plans for three steppe protected areas created and implemented
Output 3. Rigorous monitoring program for three steppe protected areas established

COMPONENT 2. Steppe biodiversity conservation mainstreamed into production landscapes
Output 1. Sustainable grazing management program operational across three steppe protected areas and associated buffer zones
Output 2. Sustainable grazing management program impacts monitored at three steppe protected areas
Output 3. Model steppe conservation training program for pastoralists emplaced

COMPONENT 3. Enabling environment established for the effective conservation of steppe
biodiversity across large landscapes
Output 1. Sanliurfa Province steppe conservation strategy and associated enabling environment improvements implemented
Output 2. National steppe conservation strategy and associated enabling environment improvements established
Output 3. National steppe conservation training and awareness program for decision-makers and resource managers

Project Executing Partners

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry(MAF); General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks; General Directorate of Plant Production General Directorate of Forestry


Started Date March 2017, End Date 2020 -Four (4) Years (18 months extension - end date September 2022)

Project Steering Committe

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is the highest decision maker committee responsible for the coordination of the project. Project activities are carried out by the Project Management Unit (PMU) with guidance of the PSC. Head of Project Steering Committee, Deputy Minister Mr. Fatih METİN from Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The relevant General Directorates of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Şanlıurfa Governorship and FAO representatives and a representative from Harran University are the Members of the Steering Committee.

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